I was born in 1998 and started playing the swiss accordeon in 2006 at the swiss accordeon school Reconvilier with Daniel Thürler.

I have been a member of the Trio Thürler-Mosimann since 2017.

In January 2018, I started giving private lessons. Since 2019, I also teach at the school of swiss accordeon in Reconvilier and since 2020 at the Swiss Folk Music Centre.

Un renouveau très prometteur – La Semaine | Hebdomadaire fondé en 2007

I am a founding member of the group M-Project.

I like to share the joy of my music with others. One of the ways I do that is through my YouTube channel.

In 2021, I took up the challenge of teaching online by launching the website (PDF Le folklore se met en ligne)

At the end of 2021, I won the 2nd place in the big RTS competition with my cover version of Seven Nation Army. (PDF Prise de position pourla réorganisation de la région)

In 2022, the group Black Noise Sheep was founded.

In 2023, I have released my first single Harmonya. That same year, I also had the opportunity to take part in my first tour with Trauffer. At the end of the year, I won the small Prix Walo.

In 2024, I released my first CD Örgeli House, with which I went on my first solo tour through Switzerland.