Marc Tschanz Solo

Swiss accordion for every taste. I am very flexible and adapt to the audience and the situation with contemporary or traditional music. I am the ideal musician for all kinds of events – from aperitifs to evening entertainment.

Sunny summer valse.mp3

Trio Thürler-Mosimann

Since 2017 I am a member of the Trio Thürler-Mosimann. More information at :

Mariien Schottisch – Kiosque à musique 10.12.2022
Rhabsonic – Kiosque à musique 10.12.2022
Katzenjamer – Kiosque à musique 10.12.2022

Black Noise Sheep

Black Noise Sheep is a group of five musicians which perform under the motto “Schwyzerörgeli meets rock music”. We cover rock-metal-grunge songs, using my Swiss accordion among other instruments. More information at :